Thoughts on Losing the Gothic and Lolita Bible and Answers to the Harajuku Fashion Tag.

I’ve been struggling with writing about the end of G&LB for a while now. I can’t seem to articulate my feelings on the matter in a way that hasn’t already been done to death. There seem to be two major camps within the EGL community: one is in a panic, predicting “the death of J-fashion” and waiting for Lolita to go the way of Mori Kei, while the other sees it more as a blow to print media than to its intended audience. I fall somewhere in between. I do think that the end of G&LB will have an effect on the fashion and it’s community, but I also agree that it likely signifies a change in the way we get our information more than it does the end of the fashion. My favorite part of the magazine, the street snaps, are easily replaced by Amino and Instagram. Brand news is available online, both from the brands themselves and from the Lolita Updates Facebook group. Blogs more or less cover the rest. But G&LB was the definitive source for all things Lolita. It was, as the name might suggest, Lolita Canon. Losing that will take some adjustment.
Since the facts of the situation have already been covered by nearly every loliblog out there, I’ll assume that most readers are already at least somewhat familiar with the announcement that the magazine will be closing and why. Instead of focusing on that, I’ve chosen to focus on remembering what it has done for me by participateing in this project from MagicalGirlMe.:

  1. I’m most passionate about Lolita fashion, of course ^_^
  2. I was first introduced to Lolita through a friend in high school (probably around 2005), and then more thoroughly by the TokyoPop English-language Gothic and Lolita Bible, but I had only a casual interest until about 2015. At that point I discovered Lace Market and I’ve been broke ever since.
  3. I love the way that wearing Lolita makes me feel; elegant, feminine, and dainty, but simultaneously strong and confident. Those should never be mutually exclusive but sadly they often are.
  4. What strikes me as unique about Lolita fashion is that it’s feminine without invoking sexual appeal, as most women’s fashions do in some way. It encourages it’s wearers to be beautiful without being exposed, and that appeals to me a great deal.
  5. There is so much I’d like to say to people who are interested in starting out in Lolita that it was one of the biggest motivations for starting this blog! Typically though, when I’m talking to an individual I tailor my response to their needs. I suppose if I had to offer just one piece of advice it would be to get a high-quality bell-shaped chiffon petticoat before anything else. It’s a generic, boring answer, but I don’t know who I’m talking to QQ

In closing, since the Lolita community is losing our definitive source on our fashion, we’ll need to work harder to create cohesion as trends change and evolve. With that said, I don’t believe that this is the death of J-fashion. There are so many other mediums through which we in the alternative fashion community can express our love of our styles of choice. If we continue to share our thoughts (and our coords!) with the world, our fashions need not stagnate, and as long as they continue evolving, they’ll never really die.


Day 1: 10 Things about My Lolita Bubble

Today marks the first official day of the 30 day Lolita blogging challenge! Exciting. Today’s topic is 10 things about my Lolita bubble.


  1. I have somehow formed the idea that I’m only really interested in wearing Classic Lolita, but lately I’m constantly fighting the urge to make every coordinate super Sweet. I guess it’s time I updated my own self-image and embraced my inner Sweet Lolita.
  2. One of my favorite things is helping new Lolitas get started in the fashion. There’s something beautiful about seeing interest turn to obsession and then finally to passion, and I love being able to answer questions and offer help when asked for it.
  3. I’m a sucker for a good forest animal print. Or a bad one, tbh. I think that’s why my favorite brand is Innocent World. They have so many cute forest prints. Bring on the forest critters!
  4. I love to wear Lolita, but feel pretty self-conscious wearing it alone. I sort of admire lone Lolitas for their bravery, but feel extremely lucky to have a fair number of real-life Lolita friends nearby when I feel like donning my frills.
  5. At the moment, I’m about 90% satisfied with my current wardrobe, but I would like to add more jewelry to help with versatility.
  6. I really love the Gothic style and honestly envy girls who can pull it off, but I don’t think that it suits me at all.
  7. Despite my aforementioned love of Gothic, I can’t get into Moitie. I’ve tried, I really have. But I have yet to see a piece of theirs that really speaks to me. I’ll keep looking, though!
  8. I recently obtained my ultimate dream dress, but now I’m a little scared to actually wear it. I’m pretty clumsy. I’ve halfway convinced myself that I’m just waiting for the perfect event, but deep down I know the truth: I don’t want to spill tea on it.
  9. I will adamantly deny the existence of “bittersweet” until my dying day.
  10. I’m currently saving up to go to either Rufflecon or Disneyland Lolita Day in 2017, but I can’t make up my mind between the two.