What is Lolita?

Gyokuro and Orchids is a blog dedicated to Lolita, a Japanese fashion that is heavily influenced by European historical clothing styles, particularly from the Edwardian and Victorian periods. I feel like the “What is Lolita?” post has been done to death and a lot of other people have covered the topic much more thoroughly and concisely than I could, so instead of adding to the millions of introductory posts that are already out there, I’ve decided to just link to some of my favorites. I’ll probably be updating this page from time to time when I find something good, so check back if you’re interested!

“What Is Lolita?” posts from around the Internet:

  1. Virtual Japan’s Lolita Fashion page – A short and pretty dry wiki article about the history and various styles of Lolita.
  2. SeengLife’s post What is Loli?Β  – This is one of my favorite descriptions of Lolita fashion, posted in the Livejournal EGL group by user SeeingLife. It demonstrates a clear understanding of the fashion from an insider’s perspective, and so far I haven’t seen anybody top this.
  3. F Yeah Lolita’s What is Lolita page – F Yeah Lolita is sort of the definitive Lolita blog, and this page is great! It starts off with a short description, then contains links to some of their own related posts, including resources for beginners and frequently asked questions about the fashion. I’m sort of operating on the assumption that you’ve seen it already, but if you somehow managed to find my blog before Miss Caro Chan’s, go there right away!