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The English Rose Tea Room

My mom and I went to The English Rose in Pleasanton last  a week, continuing my project of trying tea rooms around the Bay Area. I’ve been to the English Rode before, and it’s definitely one of my favorite places to go while wearing Lolita fashion. The staff is always friendly, and the decor suits Classic and Sweet especially well. One thing to note though is that it is somewhat cramped, so it’s usually best to wear a moderately-sized petticoat to avoid knocking anything over.

One thing that sets the English Rose apart from other Tea Rooms in the area is the tea itself. It tends to be especially good, and they don’t bring it out to the table until it’s perfectly brewed. Additionally, while most tea rooms only bring one pot of tea per person, here you may order as many different teas as you’d like at no extra charge. After finishing off a pot, it’s perfectly fine to ask for a different type. That alone gives the English Rose a considerable edge over similar places in the Bay Area, in my opinion.

The food here is also especially good. The prices are comparable to those of other tea rooms in the area (the Queen’s Tea is about $30 per person), but they include considerably more food than most for that price. It includes four finger sandwiches, three savories, a scone, some fruit, and three deserts. While the specifics do change slightly, they’re almost always fantastic. Also, they’re very accommodating of any dietary restrictions.

Finally, the service here has always been exceptional in my experience. The servers are friendly and attentive, and they write personalized thank you notes on the back of the bill at the end of your seating, which I’ve always thought was an especially nice touch.

Overall, I love the English Rose. Speaking as a Lolita, there are a few cons: Pleasanton is about as far from San Francisco as can be while still being considered “Bay Area” so it would likely be inconvenient for visitors, and as I mentioned it can be a little cramped, but I consider these minor drawbacks in most cases. I’d strongly recommend that you make your way out to Pleasanton at least once, if you’re able to.


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