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2017 Resolutions

Hello again!

To be honest, I sort of hate New Years resolutions. I’m always terrible about sticking with them unless I have a structured plan to achieve the goal(s), so I tend to avoid making them altogether. This year, though, there are definitely some things I’d like to achieve, especially within the realms of Lolita.

  1. Complete the “Lolita 52” Challenge!
    I’ve been less consistent about posting since I completed the 30 Day Lolita Challenge (like I said, I do better with structure), and I’d like to post an average of at least 3 posts per week. So I thought it might be fun to do another blogging challenge, but still leave lots of room for my own posts as well. Like Miss Caro Chan, I’m worried about a few posts that I won’t want to write, so I’ll be drawing a new topic each week. I plan to post on Sundays, so keep an eye out for those!
  2. Improve My Sewing
    I do have a few specific goals in mind here, but I think the main thing is that skills improve with practice. That’s why I’ve resolved to make six new pieces this year. They don’t necessarily need to be main pieces, but I’d like to complete a Lolita-related sewing project every two months in 2017.
  3. Attend RuffleCon 2017
    I haven’t been to RuffleCon, and I’ve had surprisingly little interest in going in the past. It’s clear across the country and I’d probably have to go alone. However, this year’s event did look and sound like a lot of fun. I would have gone, but I got married in October, so all of my time, energy, and money went into that. I did make up my mind to go when I have a chance though, so I’ve come up with a saving plan and a timeline that should get me there this year! If for some reason I fall short, I’ve decided to attend Disneyland Lolita Day as a sort of consolation prize, so I’m actually really excited about it either way.

I’ll be starting to implement these goals on Sunday, and I’ll be sure to update Gyokuro and Orchids with my progress. Wish me luck!


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