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Day 27 – One Song that Fits my Favorite Lolita Style

I was so close to posting every day for the full 30 days! How disappointing.

I missed a couple of days because it’s been hectic, but I was having fun, so I guess that counts for something! I went to a meet, then my husband and I stayed in San Francisco that night. The next day we went to see the Christmas decorations in Union Square, and of course went to AP and Baby. I got The Ticking Clock JSK in sax, and Sean bought me Otome No Sewing Volume 5, so I’ll be sewing something soon! My ILD was very low-key though. My friend Bethany came over and we had a nice tea. We tried to watch Kamikaze Girls but I was streaming it and it kept freezing.

Anyway, for day 27 the theme is a song that fits my Lolita style. I knew that the answer to this immediately upon reading the prompt, although it’s not really a song, had to be Bach Cello Suite No. 1 in G. My dad played the prelude on the bass every morning (he probably still does, but I’m not sure about that), so for me personally, that’s a very nostalgic piece in particular. The suite as a whole is mature and refined, with a sweet yet melancholy sound.

This is admittedly pretty “basic.” In the world of Baroque music saying Cello Suite No. 1 in G is my absolute favorite is sort of akin to wearing yoga pants and Uggs while raving about Pumpkin Spice lattes, but lets face it: all four of those things are popular for a reason.


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