Snowy Rabbit Reservations

One of my favorite brands, Meta, just opened reservations for their new series Snowy Rabbit yesterday. Personally, I’m gong to pass on this release, but I do like the overall look quite a lot. snowwhiteofflowerop

My favorite of the available main pieces is the faux-fur collar OP (pictured). It looks like it would be perfect for either winter or spring depending on how it’s coorded, especially since the collar is detachable for extra versatility. I’m always a sucker for extra versatility! The dress is going to be available in three colorways: off-white, wine, and grass green. I’m especially excited about the green colorway, as I absolutely love green tones in Lolita but have a fairly difficult time finding and matching them.

The series includes two op’s (the one pictured and a sack dress), and two JSK cuts, as well as a few headwear options, a scarf, and tights.


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