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Day 17: What do I Want More Than Anything Right Now?

I’m assuming this prompt is referring specifically to Lolita, so I’ll leave world peace out of it. I’d also like to avoid this being a rehash of my wishlist post on day 5. Of course, if this were a hypothetical fairy Godmother situation and I could just go crazy then I’d probably go with something amazing like feet that never ache or get blisters so that I could wear my cute Lolita shoes whenever I want, but I’ll try to keep it within the realms of reality.

With those limitations in place, I’d say that what I want most is probably more free time to attend meets. I work on Sundays (I have Fridays off instead), and my comm’s monthly meets are held on Sundays. I try to take those days off work whenever I can, and I do my best to attend Saturday meets when they’re held, but having a Monday-Friday work schedule would probably top my wish list.



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