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 Day 11: A day in my Lolita Life in Pictures

I woke up looking less than stellar. Had to cover my wild just-woke-up bangs with a cute Snuggie or else I wouldn’t have been willing to post a picture. Still think I might be crazy for doing it haha.

Had breakfast. Nothing too exciting.


Blow dry/styled my hair, did my makeup, and got dressed.

Wrote a quick post while I waited for my friend Kelly. I set it to go live later in the day since I’d be gone!

Kelly and I went to the Dickens Christmas Fair. I forgot my shoes for the coord in the car and wound up wearing Skechers flats all day. Oh well, it was more comfortable, so that’s something.

There was a lot of entertainment throughout the day. We saw a Punch and Judy show, carolers, dancing at Fezziwig’s Warehouse, an Acapella group, and the Saucy French Postcard Tableaux Review.

We stopped by The Bohemian, an absinthe bar. I had a Tom Collins because absinthe doesn’t set well with me.

My favorite shop is always this one that sells antique books and teacups because of course it is. This year I bought an etiquette book from 1870, making it the oldest etiquette book I have. Probably the highlight of my day, really.

I’ve been going to the Dickens Fair for quite a while now, but this was the first year I’ve ever managed to get a reservation at Cuthbert’s for high tea. It was fantastic! They even gave us cute pink teapots at the end.

On a much more somber note, I contracted both consumption and diphtheria during the day, so I almost certainly died 😦 I passed on the diphtheria, but not consumption. I kept that for myself.

It was pouring when we left. So glad the fair is indoors.

Kelly and I stopped at our favorite taqueria on the way home. The coupons are only for costumers, apparently. Seems like a strange rule.

I changed into comfy clothes as soon as I got home, then my husband, Sean, and I cuddled on the couch and watched TV. All in all, aside from contracting some really awful diseases, the day was an overall success.


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