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Day 12: A Picture of Myself Before Lolita Came into My Life

Before I get started, I skipped day 11. It was mostly just because I’m a cheater and a terrible person, but also partially because I don’t have a full day in Lolita documented in photo form and ready to go. There’s a meet coming up this weekend though, so I promise I’ll do it then. And now on with our show!


This photo was taken in February 2006 at a signing for Anthony Rapp’s then-new book Without You. This is the oldest photo I could find that didn’t require me to scan it and I actually think I knew about Lolita at the time, but it was probably right before I tried my hand at wearing it (I lost interest shortly afterwards and didn’t get back into it until about a year and a half ago). I have no idea what was going on with my bangs. Past me, you’re better than that.


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