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Day 9: 10 Things I will Never Do in Lolita

This list is a little bit silly, but then so is the prompt. I did my best to keep it within the realms of reality and avoid adding things like “mud wrestling” and “sky diving,” but honestly I think most Lolitas have the common sense not to do these things in their burando anyway.

  1. Go to the Dog Park – I have a dog. Her name is Pepper and I love her very much. We go to the dog park down the street from our apartment pretty regularly so that she can socialize and get all her wiggles out. But I would never go to the dog park in Lolita. It gets very muddy, and you never know when somebody’s friendly pooch will jump up on you to say hi.
  2. Smoke – I don’t smoke anyway, but even if I decided to start tomorrow I definitely wouldn’t do it while wearing Lolita. That smell does NOT come out. I know this from purchasing secondhand ( ; βŒ‚ ; )
  3. Attend a Wedding or a Funeral – This would be downright disrespectful in most situations.
  4. Paint – Because of course I don’t want to get paint on my Lolita.
  5. Clean My Apartment – There’s a good reason people wear old ratty clothes to clean in. God, can you imagine getting bleach on a brand dress? I’m getting stressed just thinking about it.
  6. Travel Overseas While I don’t think that sitting on a plane for 14 hours is the WORST thing you could do in Lolita, it certainly doesn’t sound ideal. All that petti could make things uncomfortable for the person sitting next to you, and your dress would get all wrinkled. That’s a hard pass for me.
  7. Let Pepper Sit in My Lap – She sheds a lot.
  8. Attend an Outdoor Concert or Music Festival – I’d be too worried about keeping my clothes clean to have a good time.
  9. Hike – See above.
  10. Eat wings/ribs/jelly anything – Im pescetarian so I guess only the jelly one applies, but this goes for any particularly messy food. I don’t know if you can tell by now, but I live in constant fear of staining my clothes. I’m sure most of you understand.

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