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Day 7: 6 People Who Inspire My Lolita Style

All right, I’m cheating again. The prompt was for 10 people who inspire my Lolita style, and while it was definitely possible to come up with a list of 10, the second half felt sort of forced. I decided that it would be better to keep the list dedicated to people who truly and consistently inspire me than to make a list of “10 people who I think of sometimes when I’m coording” or “10 Lolitas who I follow on Instagram.”angieautumnshoot

  1. My Friend Marisol – Honestly the number-one person who inspires me is my friend Mari. I love her coords, and I admire her style both in and out of Lolita. Her overall aesthetic is very different from mine, but that doesn’t stop me from asking her advice on basically every coord I wear.
  2. Angelika of Angie’s Dreams – I absolutely love Angelica’s style. She’s especially creative when it comes to mixing prints and patterns, something I’ve never really learned to do successfully. Also, she’s the one who fully sold me on Dear Celine’s Party in the Forest JSK with her Autumn photoshoot (pictured above).
  3. Josine Maaike Annette – There’s a difference between being inspired by somebody and emulating them, and honestly Josine Maaike Annette might be the only person on this list whose style I strive to emulate. She has a great eye for color and detail, and her general style is a more toned-down and wearable take on Classic Lolita. Here’s Her Instagram!
  4. Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables) – Nobody said that they all had to be Lolitas. Or real, for that matter. And I don’t just mean the Megan Follows version of Anne, although I’ll admit that she does influence and inspire me quite a bit. Rather, I’m thinking of the image I had when I read the book as a kid. It’s just something that pops into my mind when I have no idea what to wear. In fact, I’d say at least one in every five coords I wear is a character-inspired Anne Shirley coord, although I try not to show it.
  5. Chokelate – All drama aside, I do really admire Chokelate’s style, and I wish I had her makeup skills. She always looks polished and put-together, and while 99% of her coords aren’t things that I would personally wear, I would definitely say that she inspires me to be a better Lolita.
  6. Alexander McQueen and Sarah Burton alexandermcqueenbutterflydress I’m a fan of fashion in general, and while there are a lot of designers whose work I admire, McQueen inspires my Lolita style most. For any readers who might be unfamiliar with them, Alexander McQueen is the fashion house responsible for the over-the-top looks worn by Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket in the Hunger Games movies. His designs, like Lolita, could be feminine to the point of parody while maintaining both elegance and edge, and Burton has done a wonderful job of maintaining McQueen’s aesthetic and spirit in the brand since his passing.

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