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Day 6: 10 Things I Can’t Live without in Lolita


  1. Lolita Friends – The number one thing I could never live without in Lolita is other Lolitas. Without meetups to go to or friends to call when a new print is announced, what would be the point?
  2. Wigs – I’m actually way more likely to use my real hair than a wig, but there are some days when my hair just won’t cooperate at all, and some when I don’t have time to get ready and have to cut some corners. Those are wig days, and honestly I’m very grateful to have the option to wear a wig when I feel that it’s necessary.
  3. Tide To Go Pens – I’ve already mentioned that I can be pretty clumsy, and these have saved my precious burando on countless occasions. Never leave home without one, fellow Lolitas!
  4. Makeup – I have seen Lolitas without makeup, but personally, I wouldn’t want to go without it. Makeup helps me feel like my coord is complete and polished.
  5. A Good-Sized Purse that Works Both in and out of Lolita – I do not want to switch purses several times per week, and I don’t want to try to fit everything I need into a stuffed unicorn with a pocket that’s half the size of a glasses case, so I think this one is a no-brainer.
  6. Petticoats! – Another obvious choice. Without petticoats I suppose I could try to layer skirts to try to achieve the silhouette, but who wants to go through the trouble?
  7. YouTube – As a Lolita, I absolutely love YouTube. I use it for hair and makeup tutorials, Lolita-related news, coord inspiration, reviews, and, of course, entertainment.
  8. Money – It’s no secret that Lolita is expensive. While there are definitely ways to avoid breaking the bank entirely, it would be pretty impossible to wear Lolita without a fair amount of disposable income.
  9. A Dream Dress – It doesn’t matter whether it’s hanging in my closet or just something to fantasize about. The excitement of it’s mere existence just seems to make Lolita more fun.
  10. Bloomers – I know this one is pretty debatable for a lot of people, but personally I’m a big fan of bloomers in Lolita and rarely wear a coord without them. When I do, it’s always because of scorching heat, and even then I replace them with a more lightweight alternative.


The “alternative” is Hogwarts pajama shorts, in case anyone was wondering.


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