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Day 5: 10 Things from my Wishlist

I’m publishing my post much earlier than usual today because honestly I couldn’t wait to write this one. It was so much fun! As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m currently pretty happy with my wardrobe. Because of that, this was actually harder than I expected, and a lot of it is just things that it might be nice to have, rather than things that I really plan on getting. Of course with that said, it wasn’t really TOO hard 🙂

  1. The Ticking Clock ~Gear of Stardust and the Unfound Land~ JSK I in Black – Ok, despite my intro this first one wasn’t hard at all. This is the only top-tier dream dress of mine that isn’t currently hanging in my closet. I was in Spain when it released and by the time I got back it was sold out. That was my fault. But anyway, I absolutely love J.M. Barrie and all things related to him, so of course this Peter Pan print is a must-have for me. I’m not a huge fan of the other cuts or colorways though, so this one might take me a while to track down.tickingclockjsk1black
  2. A Nice Straw Boater – This one can wait until Spring, but I do plan on buying a good quality straw boater within the next six months or so. It’s something I really wished I’d had for a few coords in 2016.boaters
  3. A Black Purse in a Classic Style – Over the last few months I’ve been trying to add more black into my wardrobe. I’ve gotten a couple of blouses, some leg and headwear, shoes, and jewelry, but I still haven’t found a black purse that quite suits my style. The Loris purse pictured is pretty close to what I have in mind, but it’s not quite perfect so I’m still looking!LorisBlackBag.jpg
  4. White Lace Tights – Like the boater, this is something I found myself wanting a lot last Summer. I’ll probably get a good quality offbrand pair when Spring rolls around.whitelacetights
  5. BTSSB Sweet Fawn Coat (2011) in Brown – In case you can’t tell, this is the part where  deviate from the list of things I actually plan to buy. I have a few main pieces that I think would look awesome with this coat, but not enough to justify buying it. Still, it’s super cute and if I happened across it when I was in just the right mood it’s definitely something that I’d be in danger of buying impulsively.sweetfawncoatbrown
  6. A Black Parasol – This is really not something I need at the moment, but I would like to have a black parasol someday.  I especially love the Victorian Maiden Fairy Frill parasol (pictured). I have an ivory AatP parasol/umbrella right now that matches almost everything in my wardrobe, but I really do try to stay out of the sun whenever possible so it would be nice to have another one to match the few pieces that the ivory just doesn’t suit.VMParasol.JPG
  7. Comfortable Brown Shoes – I’m very partial to brown, and it is the accent color I use most often in my coords. So it’s not surprising that I have quite a few pairs of brown shoes to wear with Lolita. With that said, none of them are as comfortable as I’d like them to be, and my absolute favorites just kill my feet. More often than not I find myself going with shoes that aren’t as good for the coord because my nicest-looking heels just aren’t going to work if I’m going to be walking a lot (or even a little). So I’m doomed to just keep buying brown heels until I find the magical pair that I can walk around San Francisco all day in without getting a blister. I know they’re out there somewhere.btssbshoes
  8. A Violin Headdress – I play the violin, and I love violin-themed Lolita pieces. I’ve seen them all: violin boots, violin prints, violin belts, and violin purses. But I have yet to find a nice violin headdress. I realize that it would probably be way more OTT than my usual style, but I really wouldn’t care in this case. I don’t have a photo for this because if I knew of one I’d have bought it already so it wouldn’t be on my wishlist. Someday I’ll probably commission one on Etsy.
  9. St. Cecilia JSK – I love art prints, so unsurprisingly I like Juliette et Justine quite a lot. This JSK stands out as one of my favorites of theirs because of the detailing on the bodice. St. Cecilia isn’t one of my ultimate dream dresses, but that’s mainly just because I’m not sure that I’d really wear it. It’s more opulent than my usual style.stceciliajsk
  10. A Classic Lolita Raincoat – Much like the violin headdress, I’m not sure that this item exists, but dammit I want one. How hard would it be to make a coat out of treated water-resistant canvas with an all-over floral print? Get on that one, brands! I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

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