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Day 3: 5 Things I Hate in Lolita


The challenge today was to write about 10 things I hate in Lolita fashion but I honestly had a pretty tough time with it and hit a road block after just a few. I decided that it’s better to post half of it than nothing though, so without further ado, here are my 10 5 things I hate in Lolita:

  1. The name – I think this one is a given. The name “Lolita” gives people all kinds of ideas about the debauched activities we must be up to. While I realize that yes, I am dressed like a weirdo and people will probably assume all kinds of crazy things based on that alone, I’d prefer not to fuel the fire. Like many Lolitas, when people ask me what I’m wearing or why I’m dressed the way I am I tend to dance around the actual word “Lolita.” Instead, I tell them that it’s a historically-inspired street fashion. On a very related note (to the point where it really doesn’t deserve its own spot on the list), I hate that our tags get so cluttered with nymphette/fetish garbage on Instagram and Tumblr.
  2. Trying to use the restroom – I basically just avoid drinking too much tea at meets because using a public restroom in full meet-style Lolita is IMPOSSIBLE.
  3. (Most) fandom prints – I realize that this one is more of a personal issue, but I’m really not a fan of most fandom prints out there. I’ve seen one or two that are kind of nice, but for the most part I think they lack elegance, and the elegance of Lolita garments is one of the things that attracts me to the fashion. Fandom prints tend to remind me of a girl I saw at an anime convention once. She was wearing that F+F Time Lord JSK (which actually isn’t too bad) and Crocs. Yeah. Crocs.
  4. Not being better at sewing – Don’t get me wrong, I can sew. Honestly though, I wish I were a billion times better at it for the sake of Lolita. Part of it is that I just don’t have confidence in my own abilities. For example, I would never alter a piece myself. I absolutely could, but if I made a mistake I’d never forgive myself. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I wish my sewing were 100% flawless.
  5. Summertime – I live in California. We had a few days this past summer that were around 110 degrees Fahrenheit. All the tips and tricks for wearing Lolita in hot weather will do you no good at that heat. Summer is the worst.

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