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Day 2: 10 Things I Love in Lolita

Continuing with the 30 day challenge! The topic today is “10 things you love in Lolita.” As I was writing this post, I kept thinking of Meta’s Antique Bouquet Princess Sleeve OP. It’s not something I can see myself buying, but it does incorporate a lot of my favorite things in Lolita fashion. Maybe someday I’ll change my mind about it and try to hunt it down.


  1. Construction details – I made kind of a lot of cosplay in middle and high school, and as a cosplayer I always had a pretty decent eye for detail. I think that’s what led to my appreciation of the construction details in a lot of Lolita pieces, and that appreciation is a big part of what drew me into the fashion to begin with.
  2. Princess sleeved OPs – I am absolutely in love with OTT princes sleeved OPs, especially ones by Metamorphose Temps de Fille or Mary Madgalene, but I don’t have a single one in my wardrobe. I don’t think they suit my style, but I spend a fair amount of time pining over them when I see them listed secondhand.
  3. Feminism – On one hand, I feel like this one is sort of a stretch, but on the other it’s true for me, so in the post it goes! Lolita is gender-normative to the point of rebellion, and at the same time entirely fluid (men wear Lolita and women wear Ouji on a pretty regular basis and nobody within the community bats an eye). In addition, when I wear Lolita I’m not doing so for anybody other than myself. It may not be a conventionally attractive look, but it makes me happy and that’s what matters most. I love that.
  4. Prints – Personally, I’m usually drawn to all-over florals and forest prints, but what I love is the diversity in Lolita prints. No matter your interests outside of Lolita, there is probably a print that speaks to you, whether it’s chess, clock collecting, or music, there really is something for everybody.
  5. The Hunt – It may sound crazy to non-Lolitas, but one of my favorite things about the fashion is just searching for the perfect piece, and the thrill of finding it at a good price. I avoid impulse purchases for the most part. Instead, I take a good look at my wardrobe every few months and make note of some pieces I’d like to have to round it out. I try to only buy items from that list. It doesn’t have to be too specific; I may write down “navy cardigan” instead of “Square Neck Short Sleeves Ribbon Cardigan, Meta, 2016,” but I honestly enjoy scouring auction sites for the items on my list at a good price.
  6. Holding a dream item – This is pretty related to number 5, but I think we can all agree that the feeling of holding a dream dress for the first time is one of the best things about Lolita. Tracking the package, staying home all day (or as much as possible), and the excitement of finally opening it and trying on the dress inside make me feel like a kid on Christmas morning.
  7. Headwear – I love Lolita headwear. I love bowler hats, Alice bows, flower crowns, all of it. I especially love having the option to say to myself: “I have roses on my skirt, so I think a giant lacy rose on my head would really help to tie this look together” and then walk out of the house feeling fly af in my rose hat (Versailles Rose Headdress, I’m looking at you!).
  8. Monster Poof – Despite my largely classic sensibilities, I am a big fan of OTT-sweet-style poof. I only have a few petticoats, but I would wear them all at once in a heartbeat if I had a dress or skirt that could handle it.
  9. Feeling Beautiful – When I wear Lolita, I feel beautiful. Not “sexy,” but elegant, delicate, and beautiful. I wish more mainstream fashion would aim for that aesthetic.
  10. The Community! – By far my favorite thing about Lolita fashion are my friends and the community as a whole. There are so may different kinds of people in the fashion, and with such different interests, and I love that our shared hobby of collecting and wearing frilly dresses could bring us together.

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