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Welcome to Gyokuro and Orchids!

I’m Kyrie, and welcome to Gyokuro and Orchids, my Lolita corner of the Internet. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while now (yeah, yeah, I know, nobody does that anymore), mainly as a way to indulge in my Lolita fashion obsession even when I’m not wearing it. The name “Gyokuro and Orchids” refers to one of my favorite flowers, the orchid, which in the Victorian language of flowers symbolizes beauty, elegance, and a mature charm, all of which I associate with Lolita fashion. As for the significance of gyokuro tea, I just like it.


When I was first getting started in Lolita fashion (and I admit that I’m still relatively new), I relied pretty heavily on blogs like F Yeah Lolita and Lolita Tips, and while I absolutely love these and many others, I’ve noticed some areas where there still seems to be a lack of content. I’m hoping to fill a few of those gaps. My plans for this blog include sharing coordinates, tutorials, and the occasional lifestyle post. I’m mainly a Classic Lolita, and I’m hoping to also include guest posts from friends who specialize in other styles so it can stay fairly well-rounded, but we’ll see how it goes.

Wish me luck!


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